How To Start?

It’s a norm that you are unclear of how it works and probably struggling to get started.
“Isn’t it too difficult to create a product?”
“Do I have to place a huge amount of orders to make a start? ”
“How do I know what I’m selling is an effective product?”
“What product can I choose and how should I sell it?”
Well, fear not. Here in Top Green Health Supplements Sdn Bhd we have all the answers to your queries. Just follow our 7 simple steps.

Most newcomers or beginners are confused with what they want. Our advise is that you target on one product to start with.

Set an appointment with us and discuss in details on the price and MOQs.

Try the samples and we will make ammendments on the effects and flavors that you want.

Confirm your formula and proceed with 50% deposit and we will carry on to produce the product and as well place order for the raw materials needed.

Discuss on designs of your packaging and at the same time we will obtain all certificates required for your product. (ie, KKM, SGS LABTEST, JAKIM HALAL, etc.)

After the packaging is done and raw materials has arrived, you are required to make the remaining payment and we will proceed with the production. (at least 14 working days)

And the complete product is ready to arrange for a pick up.

For beginners who has zero knowledge on how to do marketing and sell your product, we have a team that will be able to assist and educate u on this segment.

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